Foundry Software, providing an extra level of quality assurance.
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Modules Quoting Production Part Control Scheduling Costing Tool Work Orders Order Mangement Invoicing Shippong Certifcate of Compliance Wax Shell Foundry Heat Treat Chemical NDT Welding Certificates Outside Services Labour Tracking Finishing and Inspection Reports Serialization Stock Control Scrap Tracking Specification Quality Requirements Shell Foundry NDT Dimensional Inspection Techniques/ Work Instructions Employee Requirements Corrective Action Quality Control

Track and manage quotes

Production tracking of Labor, pieces and scrap.

Manage the Production Schedules providing information to effectively manage the work flow in the plant.

Maintain information related to parts.

Add all the costs to create a fully costed Manufacturing Route Sheet(MRS).

Track Tool Work Orders and compare costs.

Track all order changes.

Invoicing is driven from production to provide tracking of batches, invoices and shipped parts.

Report labor, automatically maintain Techniques

Pulls information from production to create the Certificate of Compliance.

Track shell production

Manage foundry production with on-line techniques, casting list and more.

Build heat treat loads and verify the results.

Automatically collect chemical and mechanical results where possible.

Integrated web based techniques for X-Ray and FPI

Welding certificate with attached images.

Track outside services and attach supplier certificate

Track labour production costs

Finishing/ Inspection reports


Stock Control

Scrap Tracking

Track specification revisions - ensure correct specification is used for each revision of the part.

Quality Requirements

Provides Quality Department with control over wax and wax mounting.

Provides the Quality department with control over the shell building process

Quality department can specify foundry parameters

Quality Department can set parameters to control nondestructive testing.

Ensure the correct dimensions are tested and meet requirements.

Manage both production and experimental techniques.

Ensure employees are up to date on their certifications required to perform their job.

Manage and track corrective action requests.